In Memory


In Memory of Granite Mountain Hotshots


On that fateful day of June 30th, 2013 the city of Prescott
lost 19 men.

Those men were fathers and sons to their families. They
were friends to their community and brothers to those of
us who served with them.

The Groom Creek Fire District has erected a granite
plaque commemorating the 19. The epitaph stands as a
reminder of those who came before us and the steep price
that is sometimes paid for doing the job that we all love.

You will be missed brothers. Rest in peace.



gnordyke In Memory of Greg Nordyke

Greg Nordyke served as a Reserve Firefighter with the
Groom Creek Fire District from 2010 until he lost his
fight with cancer in 2015. He worked off district as a
Team Liaison, assisted the Arizona Wildfire and
Incident Management Academy and protected the
District through his volunteer service.

Greg headed a committee to create the GCFD
philosophy and mission statement. Those words will
guide the actions future generations. At the time of
Greg’s death he had arranged a donation to assist the
District with the acquisition of a new type six engine.
GCFD acquired that engine in 2017 and it bares his

Greg, you served with dedication and compassion. You
are gone but never forgotten.


GCFD Mission Statement

Serving our community and our neighbors with dedication and compassion.

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