Homeowner Participation / Sweat Equity Credit

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if you choose not to have GCFD perform your defensible space work, you can help us by submitting a “Sweat Equity” form.

This is a simple form that states that you took steps to make your home a bit more fire safe. You simply state hours that you spent, or money spent hiring someone to do this work. Give us your completed form and copies of any receipts (for material or labor).

These forms are then submitted to the federal government (your personal information is not given – only the hours you worked) and this helps your Fire District secure funding for future work. PLEASE HELP!

  • Don't know your parcel number? Find it HERE.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, gif.
    Copies of receipts are necessary so that we can submit homeowner costs information with our grant documentation. This information helps us obtain future grant funding. Upload a .jpg, .pdf, or .gif file.


GCFD Mission Statement

Serving our community and our neighbors with dedication and compassion.

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