Completed Fuels Management Projects

The Fire District is proud of our fuels treatment accomplishments. The links below will open in Google Earth if you have it installed on your computer and show where we have completed treatments under our different projects as well as some of the Wildland Fire Hazards that we face. If you do not have Google Earth Click Here!

Groom Creek Fire District Boundary

Groom Creek Fire Stations

Groom Creek Fire History

Groom Creek Fuel Types

Groom Creek Structures

SFA 4-9 Project (2004-2006)

SFA 06-03 Project (2006-2008)

Non-Grant Fuels Work (2008-2009)

WFHF (2010) (2011) Total Through 7/25/13

ARRA 2011 (Senator Highway) (Marapai Road) (Parcels)

The Color Coding Key for the Parcel Level Treaments:
Zone 1 – Red
Zone 2 – Blue
Zone 1&2 – Purple
Zone 1,2&3 – Brown
Overstory – Green
Zone 1 & Overstory – Gray
Other Treatment – Yellow

GCFD Mission Statement

Serving our community and our neighbors with dedication and compassion.

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