Groom Creek Fire Codes Information

The Groom Creek Fire District, through a vote of the qualified electors, has officially adopted the following Fire Codes effective 01/01/2008:

  • 2006 International Fire Code without amendment
  • 2006 International Wildland/Urban Interface Code with amendments

The Groom Creek Fire District has adopted codes for the purpose of improving the safety of residents and visitors to the Groom Creek area. These codes were necessary to ensure that adequate defensible space, vegetation management and building practices within the community conform to Firewise principals. Groom Creek has been identified as a community at risk from a major wildland fire conflagration in the Federal Register.

The 2006 ICC Wildland Urban Interface Code (WUI Code) is to be established to ensure that new construction within the Groom Creek Fire District will be as fire-resistant as necessary to ensure safety for the entire community.  A version of this code is currently established and enforced by the City of Prescott within their jurisdiction.  This code will work in conjunction with existing Yavapai County Building codes (ICC International Building Codes and ICC International Fire Codes).

The objective of this Code is to establish minimum regulations consistent with nationally recognized good practice for the safeguarding of life and property. Regulations in the WUI Code are intended to mitigate the risk to life and structures from a wildland fire, and to prevent a wildland fire from spreading as a result of a structure fire.  The codes will also help ensure that there is adequate access and water supply for fire suppression forces to adequately control an emergency.

Groom Creek Fire District is nationally recognized as a Firewise Community USA. We provide services necessary to assist with compliance to the Firewise vegetation aspects of the adopted codes. These practices have been proven to help save homes in the event of a wildland fire. Other aspects of the codes ensure that structures within the wildland/urban interface area are constructed with optimal fire resistant building practices.

There is a $.20/square foot fee for the code review and compliance inspections. These fees are separate from any other fee charged by Yavapai County for their plans review. Yavapai County Development Services has a fact sheet related to our codes that should be received upon submission of plans to the County.

If you would like more information about these codes please refer to the WUI Code Overview or contact Ernesto Manzanedo or Todd Bentley at Station 41 at 928-778-6519. The amendments to the codes adopted are published on our website; however, the full versions of the codes are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced. Copies are available for review at the station.

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