GCFD 250/1000 Donation Drive Tax Deduction Receipts Now Available!

GCFD would like to thank everyone who has donated to help repay the district’s debt. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. The first loan payment has been made!

To save the cost of postage, we have 2 quick and easy options for you to choose from.

Option #1. Provide us with your preferred email address, via email at www.ernesto@groomcreek.org or phone (928)778-6519, and we can send your tax deduction receipt directly to your inbox.

Option #2.  Starting November 7th, 2016 stop by the fire station on Monday or Thursday between the hours of 10 AM -1 PM to pick up your tax receipt.  Pat DeGraff is assisting Interim Chief Ernesto during these times.  She has the receipts ready for pickup.  It will be a quick and easy in and out of the station, and will not interfere with regular fire district operations.

Of course, if  you do not have access to an email account or if you simply cannot make it to the station and would like your receipt to be mailed to you, email Anna Marie @ amhamn1@q.com to request that the receipt be mailed to you.  Subject line:  Tax Credit Receipt Request.


Remember, it’s never too late to donate!!!  We gratefully accept donations year around!

GCFD Mission Statement

Serving our community and our neighbors with dedication and compassion.

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