Firewise Tips

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#1. Keep a clearing of at least 30 feet around your house for fire fighting equipment.
#2. Space the trees you plant carefully.
#3. Remove “ladder fuels”. They link the grasses and the tree tops.
#4. Create “fuelbreak” – driveways, gravel walkways, or lawns.
#5. Maintain your irrigation system regularly.
#6. Prune tree limbs so the lowest is between 6′ – 10′ from the ground.
#7. Remove leaf clutter from your roof and yard.
#8. Mow regularly.
#9. Remove dead or overhanging branches.
#10. Store firewood away from your house.
#11. Refuel garden equipment carefully.
#12. Maintain garden equipment regularly.
#13. If you smoke, use your ashtray.
#14. Store and use flammable liquids properly.
#15. Dispose of cuttings and debris promptly, according to local regulations.
#16. Observe local regulations regarding vegetative clearances and fire safety equipment requirements.
#17. Check your generator and/or hose to be sure it is in good repair.
#18. Don’t keep combustible materials under decks or elevated porches.
#19. Make trellises of non-flammable metal.
#20. Have at least two ground-level doors as safety exits.
#21. Keep at least two means of escape (either a door/window) in each room.
#22. Mark your driveway and access roads clearly.
#23. Keep ample turnaround space near your house for fire equipment.
#24. Prevent sparks from entering your house by covering vents with wire mesh no larger than 1/8″.
#25. When possible, use construction materials that are fire-resistant or non-combustible.

The Groom Creek Fire District is not offering fuels reduction services at this time. 

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