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The Groom Creek Fire District was hit particularly hard by the recession. During the 4 years beginning in 2009, we lost 58% of the total property valuation in the Groom Creek area. During that time, the Arizona Legislature and the voters of Arizona passed legislation (Proposition 117) that severely impacted our ability to recover from the recession as property values recovered by limiting our gains in value to 5% annually. This means it will take 12 years to recover from the 4 years of lost values. At present, we have realized 5% increases for the past two years.

We have done everything possible to maintain our minimum staffing of 2 personnel on our engine company including filling one of our Captain positions with our Assistant Chief for the last four years. We cannot safely operate with one person on a fire apparatus, nor can we retain volunteer/reserve firefighters as we had in the past with the nationwide decline in volunteerism and the inability to provide stipend reimbursements to our personnel.

We currently have no outstanding debt except that with Yavapai County. All of our apparatus and our primary station building are owned by the district. The cash shortfall with Yavapai County totals approximately $225,000 and has accumulated over the last six years. We have aggressively tried to create other revenue sources for the District and have increased our fees where possible. Our wildland fire operations have generated additional revenues when responding to fires outside of the area, but this revenue source is very dependent on available personnel and seasonal severity.

Our operating costs have continued to rise over the last 10 years with health care insurance and worker’s compensation insurance premiums rising over 89%. We have operated with less than $25,000 in discretionary expenses (including fuel, apparatus maintenance, training, etc.) for the last several years. We are trying to raise the funds needed via 3rd party financing or crowd funding sources to transition a short-term liability into a longer term debt that can be paid by projected budget increases.


Fiscal Year  Net Assessed Value / LPV
2006-07 $ 13,482,168.00
2007-08 $ 14,181,391.00
2008-09 $ 20,349,656.00
2009-10 $ 21,780,131.00
2010-11 $ 18,411,439.00
2011-12 $ 14,586,258.00
2012-13 $ 12,873,678.00
2013-14 $ 11,648,364.00
2014-15 $ 12,177,834.00
2015-16** $ 12,775,635.00 25% FCV Increase / 5% LPV Increase
2016-17** $ 13,400,537.00 10% FCV Increase / 5% LPV Increase

**Proposition 117 implemented limiting taxable property values to 5% increase



Cost Drivers –

Interest Costs:
We have paid over $90K in the last 10 years on interest to the County for our Line of Credit which is needed to fund the District while we have waited for tax receipts and payments for grants and wildland fires.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance:

Was 3.64% in 2006 – now 6.89% – an 89.29% Increase
Claim History extremely low – Experience Modification is 0.77 (1.00 is the average claims rating)

Healthcare Insurance Premiums:
2013 – 19.70% Increase
2014 – 3.49% Increase
2015 – 7.37% Increase
2016 – 6.89% Increase

PSPRS Employer Contribution Rates:
2013 – 10.58%
2014 – 10.28%
2015 – 11.25%

Our Public Safety Retirement is not a factor. We are 114% funded and according to the actuarial reports, our System is fully funded for 100 years.

Other Information

• Paramedic coverage on our 2-Person Engine Company began in 2009.

• No other fire agency has a duty to act in our District. Over 60% of our calls are medical emergencies and the local ambulance provider may not have a reasonable response time if activity is high elsewhere around Prescott.

• Pay increases have been declined by our personnel in favor of supporting the District.

• We own all of our apparatus, equipment, buildings with no debt.

• We have successfully received over $1.4 Million in grant funding in the last 10 years for Fuels Mitigation, Equipment (SCBAs, protective clothing), Communications (radios and infrastructure), etc.

• All Donations to the Groom Creek Fire District are tax deductible.

GCFD Mission Statement

Serving our community and our neighbors with dedication and compassion.

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