On occasion, the Groom Creek Fire District, or the Groom Creek Firefighter’s Association will offer merchandise to the public. Some items will be free giveaways, while other items will be geared toward raising funds for community purposes.

Please help support our community!

Groom Creek Bumper Stickers are finally here!  Get one to show your GC Pride!  Stickers may be purchased at our station on Friendly Pines Rd.




Groom Creek Coffee Mugs – Available in various colors (while they last) 2 for $15. Stop by the Fire Station to get yours today!

RoadID – Identification Bracelets and Tags

Road IDRoad ID offers small metal ID tags to be worn on the ankle, wrist or shoe. These ID tags are perfect for bicyclists, diabetics, children, hikers, runners, riders, and more!

These ID tags will give emergency responders your name, contacts, allergies, medications, blood type and other important information. Remember, you may not be able to answer these questions during an emergency!

Visit for catalog and more information

Groom Creek Shirts

If interested please contact any GCFD staff member at our station on Friendly Pines Rd.

All proceeds are donated to the Groom Creek Firefighter’s Association.

Click here for more on Groom Creek shirts.

Groom Creek Cookbook

A cookbook compiled from local family favorites Help the Groom Creek Firefighter’s Association by purchasing a cookbook loaded with recipes compiled from local residents!

Click here to get more details on this great cookbook.

GCFD Mission Statement

Serving our community and our neighbors with dedication and compassion.

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