Services Overview

Groom Creek Fire District Services

The Groom Creek Fire District provides all-hazard services to our community and surrounding areas that include:

  • Fire prevention and control
  • Public education
  • Emergency medical services
  • Public assistance

Fire Prevention:
The Department is staffed with one full-time chief and several part time officers, all of whom assist with fire prevention in the community. Fire prevention efforts include Hazardous Fuels Mitigation, property inspections (when requested by a property owner), smoke alarm maintenance and installation and public education seminars to assist our community in fire prevention. Not only does our department provide formal fuels mitigation, Chief Bentley has been extremely proactive in area thinning projects, many of which are officially outside of our district but still provide safety to our community by creating natural fire barriers. These projects are in conjunction with other agencies such as the Prescott National Forest, Yavapai County, the City of Prescott, Prescott Fire Department as well as numerous private property owners.

Public Fire Education:
The Department utilizes on duty fire personnel, neighboring agencies and local public forums to deliver fire education programs to age groups from elementary school-age children to senior citizens. Fire prevention, survival from fire and the proper use of fire extinguishers are just some examples of this program.

Structure Fire Suppression:
The Department operates 3 engines and 2 water tenders to suppress fires in buildings and vehicles. Buildings range from single family dwellings, multiple dwellings, camp buildings and various types of out-buildings. An incident command system called National Interagency Management System (NIMS) is utilized to provide for life safety to civilians and firefighters, incident stabilization and property conservation. GCFD also has standing mutual aid agreements with Prescott Fire Department, Central Yavapai Fire Department and the Prescott National Forest so that those agencies will automatically respond to larger incidents.

Wildland Fire Suppression:
Wildland incidents range from fires on private land in the area as well as on public lands nearby. With the recent drought conditions of the area and the millions of dead Ponderosa Pine in the vicinity (victims of the drought and the recent Bark-Beetle epidemic) it is more important than ever to be ready to respond to a wildland incident and employ suppression tactics immediately. GCFD has personnel experienced in wildland fire suppression, and has a Forest Service lookout tower above the community which aids in early warning of an incident.

Severity Patrols & Out-of-District Response:
During the summer months Groom Creek Fire District participates in area severity patrols and will respond to mutual aid requests for off-district wildland incidents. These patrols & responses are funded by the State of Arizona and not only help ensure enough manpower and equipment is available during the peak fire season, but are a great opportunity for our district to earn funds to support the department. All funds earned during these severity patrols are put back into the district’s wildland fire response program for things such as equipment, firefighter training, etc.

Emergency Medical Services:
The Groom Creek Fire District provides basic life support to the community. Firefighters trained as emergency medical technicians are first responders to call involving heart attacks, trauma from injury or accidents, pre hospital child delivery or medical emergencies from illness. The ability to arrive on scene with well trained personnel within seven minutes on average is one of the keys to success in delivering timely pre hospital care at the first responder level. As well as the GCFD EMT first-responders, an ambulance is automatically dispatched to the scene to transport any patient if required. More on EMS

Hazardous Materials Incident Mitigation:
The Fire Department is charged with managing incidents that involve hazardous materials. Department members are trained at the Haz-Mat First Responders operational level with regards to diking, patching, controlling and decontamination if it can be done with little or no risk to the responders. The incident command system is used to provide command, control and coordination of resources including evacuating residents, activating other support agencies such as the PFD Haz-Mat team, State of Arizona D.E.Q., A.D.O.T., Y.C.S.O. and other public or private entities as required.

GCFD Mission Statement

Serving our community and our neighbors with dedication and compassion.

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