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The path forward

Beginning in November of 2015 The Groom Creek Fire District staff and Fire Board began the development of a 10-year Strategic Plan. At the March 1st meeting of the Fire Board, a final plan was adopted. The plan uses some financial assumptions that … [Read more...]

Thanks for the Support!

The overwhelming support from the Groom Creek community at last night's Fire Board meeting was a testament to who we are. Many questions were raised and answered with as much detail as possible. I hope that you had a chance to ask your question, but … [Read more...]

Tonight’s Board Meeting

We have received this "Press Release" (attached below) that is being circulated by some folks in the community calling for the resignation of the Board and the Fire Chief. They base their claim on a lack of fiduciary responsibility after receiving … [Read more...]

GCFD Mission Statement

Serving our community and our neighbors with dedication and compassion.