1000 / $250 Fundraising Campaign

The Groom Creek Fire District is in need of 1000 of our residents and supporters to help us recover from the devastating effects of the poor economy. We are trying to raise funds voluntarily one time rather than increase taxes. Your one-time support of $250 will help retire debt that we have accumulated with Yavapai County and return the District to a positive cash position. Visit our website at www.groomcreek.org/donate for more information on the causes of our cash flow issues.

We need to raise these funds by July 1, 2016 or have an alternative source of funding in place. If we do not get the funds, the County has the authority to register our warrants (including payroll, insurance, utilities, etc.) and pay them only when there is a positive cash balance in our account.

We have always tried to provide the highest level of service while keeping our tax rate reasonable. As the economy recovers, we will be able to maintain and improve the services we offer to our community and our neighbors, but only with your help.

To donate, please mail a check to:
Groom Creek Fire District
1110 E Friendly Pines Rd.
Prescott, AZ 86303
Or Visit our website at www.groomcreek.org/donate

GCFD Mission Statement

Serving our community and our neighbors with dedication and compassion.